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Saunas in the


Let off steam in the soothing salt-water steam bath at 48°, or sweat it out in the Alpine style sauna at 90°.

For those who are a bit sensitive to the heat then the Finnish sauna is exactly right at 60°, or re-energise in our Infrared coloured light cabin at 45°.


Sweat room (Finnish sauna)

The Finnish sauna is one of the most traditional forms of sweating and has been practiced for centuries.
Typical for this are the high temperatures of about 85° C with a relatively low humidity. Here you can also do the infusion yourself.


Pine- Sauna

This is the gentle alternative to the hot, dry Finnish sauna. In the pine sauna there is a particularly gentle and low-impact climate for relaxation and well-being.
The temperature is 65° C with a relative humidity of about 40%, which results in an extremely pleasant warmth.


Salt water – steam bath

The salt water steam bath relaxes and treats. It is a pleasant sweat bath and is ideal for relaxation.
The effect of the hot steam is particularly healthy for your airways, blood circulation and skin. The positive effect is further enhanced by the addition of salt water.
The temperature is both pleasant and gentle at 45° C.


Infrared cabin

The infrared rays flood the room and only upon coming into contact with the body does the blood circulation and
lymphatic system then become responsible for a further distribution of heat (40-50° C) inside the body.
This results in a pleasant feeling of warmth, deep relaxation and intensive healing sweating.


Arolla pine sauna (swimsuits allowed)

The healing and health-promoting effect of arolla pine has been scientifically proven. Reason enough for us to dedicate a sauna to this soothing local wood.
The arolla pine sauna (80° C) is the perfect “fueling station” for fresh energy and a real place of well-being. Enjoy the wonderful fragrances and soothing relaxation with every visit.